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Welcome to #Indulgeinwriting founded by Sharon Thompson.

This is an exclusive network of writers.

I am asked a lot – ‘How did you start to write? How did you get published? What do I need to do to get my book finished? How do I make my book a best-seller?’

Are these questions you would ask me? If they are, then let me tell you, ‘A quick conversation or a cuppa, will not tell you all there is to know.’

With this in conversation in mind, I make this group happen.

It is €40 membership from now until Dec 31st 2018.

Membership fee

Only €40 from 1st July – 31st Dec


Once payment is through, I will add you to the members’ forum. All are welcome at all stages of their writing lives.

At #Indulgeinwriting you will;

  • Build your own writing life.
  • Connect with established and establishing writers.
  • Have real, sustained support at your finger-tips from those who ‘get writing’.
  • Join our wonderful community for links and expert advice on writing and getting published.

Build your writing life and #Indulgeinwriting with me and the other members.

Contact me here.

From 1st July – End of 2018 the price for joining in with #Indulgeinwriting is €50 but for these first introductory months, the price is only €40. (This is for six months. That’s over 26 weeks. That is only €1.50 a week). 


Membership fee

Only €40 from 1st July – 31st Dec



  • Meet writers who have succeeded in their writing careers – those who write for pleasure and those who are on the road to publication.
  • Hear, see and learn skills from established people in the writing industry.
  • Network and build your writing CV/brand.
  • Have access to private social media forums for tips and opinions on your pieces.
  • Establish your social media networks and expand your knowledge of writing.
  • Enter group writing contests.

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#WritersWise is our sister project. This aims to give writers as wide an audience as possible. #Indulgeinbooks on the stylish woman’s magazine Indulgeme.ie also showcases some of what we do.

When you join us here, you will have many platforms to explore and learn from. www.sharontwriter.com will tell you more about me.


Sample Calendar of Events. 


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On July 31st a leading UK agent from top literary agency will do a Live Crowd-cast exclusive event, with our members. She will tell us what she’s looking for at the moment. Agent! Yes, an agent! A TOP Agent coming to talk privately to the #Indulgeinwriting group, on July 31st. 


To see some of what we do, register for this free open online event;

 Awaken your writing potential. Being mindful and dealing with rejection.

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Check out twitter for feedback on the group #Indulgeinwriting and



#Indulgeinwriting is an Aladdin’s Cave for newbie writers. I am learning so much, thank you.’ Hilary O’Connor.

‘The support and friendship from other authors has been a huge inspiration to me. Thank you Sharon for the inclusion.’  Sheila Forsey, Irish Times Best-selling author.

‘The group is a real insight into the writing world and what it takes to be successful along with great encouragement, feedback, and support for every step of the way.’ Amanda J Evans. 

Since 1st June our experts have told us about their own writing lives and covered;

  • Traditional publishing advice
  • Advice from literary scouts and publishing consultants.
  • Self-publishing services and getting book ready for market
  • Children’s and Young Adult fiction
  • Literary events and festivals.
  • Synopsis and cover letter writing.
  • Lots more (which I can’t remember now)

In the next two months, our expert guests will cover;

  • Editing strategies.
  • Writing for the stage/screen,
  • Digital publishing and print on demand,
  • Literary fiction,
  • Being a hybrid author,
  • Romance and short-story writing
  • Social media presence and top marketing tips.
  • What leading literary agents want and need from authors at the minute.

Have a listen to a Podcast of what Indulgeinwriting is.

Monthly Mentors

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My number 1 best-selling book is available ‘The Abandoned’ (gripping crime thriller).

Contact #Indulgeinwriting on our contacts page or @sharontwriter on twitter or Indulgeinwriting@gmail.com.

There will also be a few surprises for our members. If there’s a topic members would like help with, we aim to evolve with our members.

This is a new group, so we are small but our membership is growing and we would love for you to be part of this new initiative.

Our first recorded interview is with Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin, who is founder of The Inkwell Group, a publishing consultancy and also of the hugely popular national writing resources website, Writing.ie. Vanessa is also Ireland’s leading literary scout who has assisted many award winning authors and best-selling authors to publication.

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Her video with #Indulgeinwriting is freely available 

This showcases some of the content that #Indulgeinwriting members will have exclusive assess to in the future. 

Vanessa is also #1 Best-selling author under her pseudonym Sam Blake. The third in her trilogy, ‘No Turning Back’, is out on May 17th. We will take her book as our Monthly Read for May.

Find Vanessa’s video interview on #Indulgeinwriting on you-tube too.

www.OrlaKellypublishing.com did our second writer expert video


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Monthly Mentors:

Monthly Mentors

May – Sheila Forsey Irish Time Best-selling historical fiction author. PRO Wexford Lit Festival.

June – David Lyons. Author, journalist and editor. Lecturer in creative writing.

July – David Keane, writer and creative writing tutor.

August – ER Murray best-selling children’s and YA author.

Photo of the exciting sample calendar of events for members. (Two public and rest private).

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Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 14.13.11

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Click to join us now. 

Membership fee

Only €40 from 1st July – 31st Dec



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