“I am a newbie to the writing world and have found Indulgeinwriting to be a tremendous support, offering guidance and invaluable information every step of the way. The webinars with established authors and writing professionals have been an immeasurable help to newbies like myself. #Indulgeingwriting is a community of people within the writing world who are so generous with their wisdom across the board. All in all a friendly platform of encouragement, support and information and Irish too, does it get better than that?” Hilary Conor, author of Saoirse.

“The group is a real insight into the writing world and what it takes to be successful along with great encouragement, feedback, and support for every step of the way.” Amanda J Evans. Writer.

“…I feel like I have turned a corner and can see my writing a lot more clearly. So thank you so much for all of your help and encouragement – it has made a world of difference to me!!!” Linda Green. Book blogger and emerging writer.

“It is my safe place to learn all about writing. I’ve made lovely connections and have found my tribe of like-minded people. Sharon also runs welcoming online events with great information. Joining up was a good move for me and my writing.” Member of #Indulgeinwriting.

“It was the end of last year when I thought about joining Indulge in Writing. Facing a crossroads in my writing, I was struggling to keep the momentum going with not only finishing my novel but getting it out into the world. Every writer’s dream is to see their work on display but there is no one in the “real world” that could possibly understand the immense struggle, unless they write themselves. Indulge in Writing offers help and guidance from the experts, but Sharon has created something rather special and personal – a community. A community of writers where they can be themselves and help each other with tips and share their work too. A week into my Indulge in Writing membership, I had made friends and ones who were fully supportive and helpful. We have the best fun and more importantly, we keep each other driven towards our goals. Writing is lonely and as I regularly work from home, I miss the chatter and fun. With the group we can converse (when we are free) and attend online discussions on the topics that matter on writing, publishing and getting an agent. The “online” is the best part as we are a group from all over Ireland (and further afield too!) meaning everyone gets to be studious, at a time that suits us. Finally, Sharon… Sharon Thompson is quite simply the best thing about the group. As the person who runs it, she fully engages with us, helps us and has become a huge part of our writing lives. I could never thank her enough (for her constant motivation and encouragement) and I am extremely grateful to be a member of Indulge in Writing.” Emma Hayes Freelance Writer & runs PR company Hear me Roar. 

‘This is not just indulgence, it is immersion in a safe, supportive space dedicated to writing.’ Michelle Walsh, Writer.